Brandon and his team were the key to us getting the perfect Pasadena home

After my wife and I experienced 6 long months of offer after offer and rejection after rejection, we came to Brandon battered, broken and questioning if we would ever get the house we wanted. Brandon’s approach was simple, yet confident. He did not promise us the world, he only listened to what we were looking for and drew upon his experience. During our first day of showings with him, he suggested we look at a home that was otherwise off our radar. It was perfect. We entered this offer on our 10th home with the battle scars still fresh from the previous rounds. He again made no promises, but had the knowledge and experience to guide us. It was the first time we felt as though we had the ability to have some control over the bidding process. His guidance led to our offer being accepted over several others. Throughout the inspection and escrow process Brandon was the driving force behind the transaction. He was able to refer us to some great contractors, advise us on the inevitable inspection issue and was always available for questions or to meet us at the home. Through the process of buying our first home, my wife and I learned many valuable lessons. The first of which is surrounding yourself with great AND knowledgeable people. Their reputations and experience will be your best asset. Brandon and his team were the key to our fortunes touring around.